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Advanced carbon-based security markers and tracers

Advanced carbon-based security markers and tracers

Dotz develops and manufactures ValiDotz™, Fluorensic™, and Bio-Dotz™ carbon-based security markers and tracers.

These molecular markers are provided as concentrates in oils, inks, varnishes and bulk liquids, or loaded on different fillers and polymers

Benefits of using Dotz markers include:

  • Embedded during the production process to impart a non-reversible product specific code into the product
  • Can be analyzed on-site and in real-time using Dotz Inspec™ line of detectors
  • Cost-effectiveness in industrial applications due to the low effective marker levels required
  • Carbon-based (do not contain any toxic metals or inorganics)
  • Have no effect on the properties of the product
  • Have no distinct chemical signature which makes them virtually impossible to reverse engineer (do not show on ICP, XRF etc)
  • Thermally and chemically robust
  • Field tested for multiple applications (Lubricants, textile, polymers, agro-chemicals, and more)
  • Not sensitive to shear forces
  • Safe for engines, filters, injection systems etc



lnSpec™ is a family of portable, easy to use, real-time detectors, developed as on-Site readers for Dotz tagging and tracing markers ValiDotz™, Fluorensic™, and BioDotz™. 

Inspec™ Semi-Forensic (SF)

Inspec™-SF is an affordable mobile phone coupled detector that can decode invisible ValiDotz™ emended in bulk polymers or on printed samples


  • Combines multiple product authentication features to provide a high level of security
  • Coupled with a mobile phone or any IOS system
  • Hand-held and lightweight
  • Simple interface
  • Can be loaded with new product codes by a link or email


Inspec™ dilution detector unit

Simple and robust dilution detection unit specifically calibrated to detect Dotz security markers and taggants.

  • Can detect if the solutions contains a specific Dotz marker (Y/N) and if the product was diluted
  • Can be “dipped” into any aqueous solution
  • Lightweight and battery operated
  • Can detect Dotz markers down to ppb level allowing cost-effective tagging of bulk liquids
  • Easy to operate

Inspec™ Forensic unit

Inspec™ forensic detector unit is designed to decode complex Dotz marker combinations for different security and tagging applications


  • Portable
  • Rugged suitcase pack allows field-use even in harsh conditions
  • Self-powered (10 hours)
  • Can measure lubricants, fuels, powders, and pastes
  • Fully automated
  • Generates results on-site in real-time
  • Highly sensitive
  • Provides the highest level of security for bulk liquid and grease based applications (lab level authentication)