Oil Industry

Dotz FLOURENSIC™ & ValiDotz™
Ground-Breaking Tracing and Tagging Solution for Oil Industry Applications


Dotz FLOURENSIC™ tracers are water soluble, resistant to photo-bleaching and non-toxic.

These unique properties make them ideal for applications that up until now were hindered by the potential risk of harmful chemicals in the Upstream Oil & Gas Exploration & Production market.

Additionally, Dotz’s patented process for introducing and extracting ValiDotz™ as taggants in crude oil and oil-based derivative products makes them ideally suited for security or product integrity devices for use in the Downstream shipping, transportation and points-of-sale.

FLOURENSIC™ Advantages Over Fluorescent Organic Dyes & Heavy Metal Quantum Dots

• Tuneable emission spectra (Blue, Cyan, Aqua Green and Red)
• Detectable signal brightness even at extremely low-level concentrations.
• Stable in all downhole environments

  •   Photo stability
    • Biological stability
    • Temperature stability
    • Pressure stability

• No naturally occurring chemical presence in formations
• No damage to the reservoir formation (tested & approved by COREX in laboratory conditions that replicate subsurface applications)
• Low cost – cheaper than graphene or carbon-fibre alternatives and comparable with fluorescent dyes.
• Non-toxic – therefore usable in any concentration without damage to the environment or hazard to health

Reservoir Solutions


  • Inflow Measurement – measuring reservoir production performance.
  • Inter-well Performance – measuring travel paths and flow dynamics for injected water multi- well reservoirs.

After initial reservoir pressure depletes in an oil well, secondary recovery phases are used, injecting water, steam or gas into the formation to drive the oil to the surface.

Tracers are the only sure way of measuring where injected water goes within the reservoir, tracking flow paths and detecting unflushed areas. Using FLUORENSIC™ with unique spectral signatures enables accurate measuring of the UV fluids produced from each completion point within the production wells, and so help show flow dynamics within the reservoir and identify reservoir optimisation targets.

Tagging fluids injected into the wells with specific and unique FLUORENSIC™   signatures assists in the detection of the flow paths and identification of unflushed areas.

Measuring the UV spectral tuning of water produced from each completion point within the well(s) to help show flow dynamics within the reservoir and identify optimisation targets (IOR/EOR).

Improved or Enhanced Oil Recovery (IOR/EOR) Projects based on tracer survey results can remodel the reservoir or reengineer wells and completions to optimise production.

. How It Works

  • Emission spectrum of any specific FLOURENSIC™ signature used in injection fluids can be detected in tested flowback water measured at the wellsite using portable lab.
  • 1ppm saturation FLUORENSIC™ visible under UV light to the naked eye but more diluted concentrations visible only via lab kit.
  • Signature of injected water is unique so capable of positively identifying source of water (injection well or completion point).
  • Retrieved injected water from any given well in the reservoir reveals unique spectral signatures and concentrations of FLUORENSIC™ when tested in the portable lab, helping to determine flow paths within the reservoir from injection points.

Subsurface Oil Industry Applications – Midstream & Downstream


The primary use of ValiIDotz™ taggants in the Midstream and Downstream areas of the market are for Product Integrity.

  • Midstream – Security tagging crude oil & refined products through production, refining, shipping & transportation stages.
  • Downstream – Ending with anti-counterfeiting measures at the storage, distribution and point-of-sale locations for the various derivative oil and gas products.


Dotz’s innovative ValiDotz™ has many unique features that enable it to tag or mark liquids in bulk quantities that can be then transferred to smaller packages if required:

  • The quantity required for marking is extremely low (PPB levels).
  • Non-toxic
  • Tagging of bulk liquids in large volumes is highly cost effective.
  • With almost infinite encoding combinations a signature can be created for every client / batch / lot number.
  • Compatible with any bulk liquid.
  • Does not affect the properties and appearance of the tagged products
  • Stable over time in harsh conditions.
  • Has a unique footprint that can thwart any attempt to replicate the taggant.
  • Can be detected in the fiel