Lubricants are used in all aspects of life –  vehicles, industrial machines, hydraulic systems, bearings and more. Essentially, every relatively moving part in an assembly requires some sort of lubricant. Furthermore, lubricants are also used in critical and sensitive applications (i.e., brakes, aerospace, high pressure, medical, and others) where they must perform strictly as specified, in order to prevent severe safety incidents.


The Problem

Lubricants are being counterfeited in mass quantities and pose a serious threat to an otherwise rapidly growing market. Counterfeited and out of spec lube oil can not only result in costly machine failures and prolonged down times for critical equipment but also pose severe health and safety concerns to both humans and the environment. Currently, there are no effective means of combatting these counterfeit products as perpetrators manufacture low-quality fake oils and use empty containers of the original product and even high-quality printing to mislead consumers. To maintain consumer trust – manufacturers, governments, and distributers must take proactive measures to combat counterfeiting. The most effective method, in this sense, would be tagging the bulk lubricant with a cost-effective, measurable, reliable and concentration-dependent marker.

Tagging can assist manufacturers with:

  • Limiting their liability when challenged by a customer who used counterfeited product or in the case of environmental events.
  • Monitoring illegal diversion trails of their product.
  • Protect their brand reputation from inferior counterfeit products.


The Solution – ValiDotz

Dotz is the world’s premier producer of specialty fluorescent markers – ValiDotz™.  ValiDotz™ are produced exclusively from carbon sources, do not contain any metals, utilized at concentrations of parts per million/billion (ppm/ppb), and were found* to be safe for engines, filters, and injection systems (meet ASTM D6922, D6795, D4683, D6278, D7097, D6335, D4172). These properties, combined with their tunable emission spectra (UV to Red) are used to create unique and sophisticated fingerprints for use inside bulk oils, lubricants, and greases.


 Different protection levels for your brand:

Using ValiDotz™, Lubricant manufacturers can “tag” their products either covertly – by exposing it to UV light or forensically – by reading the tag with our dedicated reader InSpec™.

Tagging Lubricant oils with Validotz ™ offers the following advantages

  • Compatible & Safe – ValiDotz™ are manufactured from carbon sources only, contain no metals, and are fully compatible with engines, filters, and injection systems.
  • Added Value – Level 1 (Covert), Level 2 (Semi-Forensic) and Level 3 (Forensic) security feature combinations are available.
  • A Unique Coded Signature – Various mixtures of ValiDotz™ with tunable properties (size, color, fluorescent attributes, etc.) can be used to create a specific spectral signature with a unique fingerprint, making reverse-engineering virtually impossible.
  • Cost Effective & Sensitive – Using the Inspec™ detection system, ValiDotz™ can be forensically detected even at trace concentrations (i.e., down to ppb levels) making them an exceptionally cost-effective solution for high volume applications. Alternatively, (semi-forensic), or covert detection is possible at concentrations of 1 ppm and long periods of time.
  • Thermostable – ValiDotz™ maintain their properties even after being exposed to elevated engine temperatures for extended periods of time. (meet ASTM D4683, D7097, D6335)
  • Robust – ValiDotz are not affected by pressure, shear forces or harsh conditions, typical for working engines (e.g. Engine Oil, Gear Oil). (meet ASTM D6278, D4683, D4172, D5133)
  • Easy to Implement – ValiDotz™ are fully miscible and readily disperse in various lubricant systems without any need to change your existing production process. (meet ASTM D6922, D6795)
  • Stable – ValiDotz™ remain Homogenously dispersed in lubricants even after long periods of time

Lubricants Authentication with ValiDotz

Lubricants Dilution Detection with ValiDotz