Investor Overview

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Boilerplate description

Who Dotz is
Dotz is a technology company which develops and commercialises technologies in the advanced materials industry, specifically ValiDotz™

What’s so special about Dotz?
By producing cheaper, non-toxic and at ten times the production yield (25% yield instead of 2% from graphite) ValiDotz™.
Dotz intends to focus on the low cost/ high volume markets, starting from detergents, carpets and anti-counterfeiting. Dotz significantly improves the appearance, brightness, and gives a longer life of colors to these products.
The company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: DTZ) via reverse takeover of Northern Iron in November 2016.

The Dotz Investment Case

First mover advantage

only one able to produce non toxic graphene quantum dots out of coal in a simple one step process.

Patented technology

5 patents over all major jurisdictions

Partnerships in place

Rice University in the U.S., Monash University in Australia and Ben-Gurion University in Israel.

Pathway to commercialisation

Starting in Q1 2018.

Market Opportunity

Quantum dots’ market worth $11bn by 2026 (IDTechEx).