InSpec™ – More than Meets the Eye

For users who require an additional level of security and certainty, Dotz has developed the InSpec™ detector family as an on-Site Reader for ValiDotz™ tagging and tracing applications. InSpec™ detectors are portable, easy to use, and feature semi-forensic as well as forensic capabilities ready to deliver a complete solution for your Brand Protection and Authentication needs.



InSpec™- Semi-Forensic Detector (SF)

InSpec™-SF is a portable, easy to use, Semi-Forensic detector, developed as an on-site reader for ValiDotz™ tagging applications on printed surfaces, coatings, varnishes, and bulk plastics. Combined together ValiDotz™ and InSpec-SF™ serve as a complete solution for your brand protection and authentication needs and offers the following advantages:




Enhanced Security

  • The underlying principle of InSpec™ -SF is advanced image recognition. InSpec™ not only accurately identifies the different colors in a security pattern but is also sensitive to the pattern’s shape.
  • InSpec™ is equipped to induce multiple response patterns from ValiDotz™ imbedded in the test sample making reverse engineering of the surface codes virtually impossible.
  • Up to X8 magnification capabilities, allowing to resolve hidden features.
  • Cloud authentication – each scan is uploaded to a secure server and verified against the user’s unique data.
  • Coming soon – A hidden Geo-tag feature to register where and when a specific item showed up, making sure the package or item can not be used again in an unauthorized way.

Simple and quick readout

  • No training required –  Plug&play  Push the button  Response
  • Rapid – A single measurement takes less than 3 seconds.
  • Mobile phone based – No investment is required  in expensive hardware*

*A Software license fee is applicable depending on the level of security required.

InSpec™- Forensic Detector (FD)

Forensic level security includes security features that can be authenticated only by advanced reading systems or laboratory analysis.

At low concentrations ValiDotz™ can not be seen visually under any type of light source, however, they still emit a very distinctive low intensity light that can be picked up by more powerful instruments.

ValiDotz™ and InSpec™ Give you a Complete Tailored Solution

for your Brand Protection and Authentication