Dotz’s FLUORENSIC™ is water soluble, resistant to photo-bleaching and non-toxic.

These unique properties make them ideal for various Drilling applications, helping to prevent the potential risk of harmful chemicals in:

  • Upstream Oil & Gas Exploration & Production
  • Frac Fluids
  • Detecting and Tracing Water & Soil Pollution


FLUORENSIC™ Advantages Over Fluorescent Organic Dyes & Heavy Metal Quantum Dots

  • Tuneable emission spectra (Blue, Cyan, Aqua Green and Red).
  • Detectable signal brightness even at extremely low-level concentrations.
  • Stable in all downhole environments:
    • Photo stability
    • Biological stability
    • Temperature stability
    • Pressure stability
  • No naturally occurring chemical presence in formations.
  • No damage to the reservoir formation (tested & approved by COREX in laboratory conditions that replicate subsurface applications).
  • Low cost – cheaper than graphene or carbon-fibre alternatives, and comparable with fluorescent dyes.
  • Non-toxic – therefore usable in any concentration without damage to the environment or hazard to health.