Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do I get from using your ValiDotz™ end-to-end solution?

ValiDotz™ provides your organization with an end-to-end solution to

  1. Protect your brand and revenue from counterfeits by tagging the lubricant directly (not the label or package)
  2. Easily detect dilution (done by malice or by accident), throughout the Distribution Chain.
  3. Quickly resolve liability claims without revealing your formulation.


How does the ValiDotz™ solution work?

ValiDotz™ are propriety, carbon based, security markers that are dissolved into the lubricant and create aunique imbedded code which is impossible to reverse engineer. A dedicated portable detector (Inspec™) is used to identify the code easily, on site and at real time.


How long does it take to get results?

Results are obtained in seconds and on site.

No need to wait for lengthy laboratory analysis or worry about sample shipping and storage.

Does ValiDotz™ have any effect on the properties of my product?

ValiDotz™ are produced exclusively from carbon sources, do not contain any metals and are utilized at sub parts per million (ppm) concentrations. ValiDotz™ are safe for engines, filters, and injection systems (meet ASTM D6922, D6795, D4683, D6278, D7097, D6335, D4172).

Is ValiDotz™ compatible with my lubricant system?

ValiDotz™ security markers have been successfully implemented with different grease and oil systems.

The product is delivered as a concentrated masterbatch that can easily be added and mixed with most common lubricant systems without changing the production process. We can also create customized solutions for your needs.

My product experiences high temperatures and shear forces during operation. Is ValiDotz™ stable under these conditions?

ValiDotz™ have been rigorously tested and were found to be

  • Completely inert to shear forces.
  • Stable and active for over a year at a temperature of 120C.
  • Stable with short exposures to temperatures of up to 2000°C.

What is the stability and shelf life of ValiDotz™ masterbatches?

  • No agglomeration or sedimentation even when exposed to – 600C
  • Stable for 2 years when stored according to specifications

Can I get a unique code for my product?

Yes. We can combine different ValiDotz™ markers to create unique codes for every product/Region/Manufacturer.