DEF (AD Blue)

As countries worldwide adhere to the NOx 2010 Emission Standards regulated by the US EPA and the Euro 6/5 regulations adopted by the EU, more and more cases of non-certified and counterfeit DEF/ADBlue™ are occurring. As DEF users get smarter, requesting to see certification documentation, non-certified DEF manufacturers resort to counterfeiting DEF products. Non-certified and counterfeited DEF products will be an increasing problem as regulations get tougher on fuel emissions.


The Problem

Using DEF that is not certified and not up to the specifications of ISO 22241-1 can contain minerals or materials (out of spec) that may result in problems with:

  • Sensors/Components in the vehicle’s DEF tank
  • DEF injector
  • Surface area of the catalytic converter
  • NOx sensor

Reduced performance of any of the above will eventually cause the vehicle’s emission control system to fail resulting in the illumination of a DEF/SCR failure light on the dash, subsequent de-rate, and/or failure of expensive emission system components.



The Solution – ValiDotz™

ValiDotz™ have been found to have excellent technical compatibility and have a Patent Pending as a unique solution for the fuel and additives industry, specifically for DEF/ADBlue™.

Dotz has developed a variety of products that offer a simple and inexpensive solution for the DEF market that enables maintaining the company’s brand protection at several levels.

Using Dotz’s solution, DEF/ADBlue™ manufacturers can “tag” their product with a spectral signature that can be easily identified by DEF users. This tagging can assist DEF manufacturers with limiting their liability when challenged by a customer who used counterfeited product bearing the manufacturers logo. The tag can be read either “covertly” by exposing it to UV light or “forensically” by reading the tag with a dedicated reader.


Tagging DEF with ValiDotz™ offers the following advantages:


  • ValiDotz™ have no effect on DEF solution, being non-toxic and carbon based.
  • ValiDotz™ is a novel technology, unknown to the market and to counterfeiters.
  • Commercially available only by Dotz (Patent Pending).
  • Easily embedded in high volume applications like DEF.
  • The taggant cannot be distinguished chemically from the DEF.
  • Various mixtures of ValiDotz™ with tunable properties (size, color, fluorescent attributes, etc.) can be used to create a specific spectral signature with a “unique” fingerprint.
  • “Naked eye” Limits of Detection are available from 1 ppm.
  • Forensic Limits of Detection are available in PPB levels.
  • Both Covert and Forensic can be implemented into the DEF at the same time.