Dotz in the media

3 market focus

Dotz’s CEO Mr. Uzi Breier reviews the different domains Dotz has developed mature solutions for, and intends to focus on

Dotz authenticates cannabis in world-first in-plant pilot

Dotz’s non-toxic markers were added to cannabis plants at Seàch’s global facilities in Israel.

Dotz secures A$500,000 conditional ValiDotz order

Dotz has entered into a conditional agreement for a recurring ValiDotz order to a leading East-European transportation company.

Dotz partners with licensed cannabis producer Seàch

Partnership agreement with licensed cannabis producer to further develop its in-plant anti-counterfeiting solution.

Graphene Quantum Dots effective in treating brain injuries, strokes and heart attacks

New research shows GQDs can be effective in treating patients suffering from serious conditions.

Dotz conducts successful in-plant tagging PoC to address cannabis tracing

Dotz has embedded its BioDotz security markers into plants with a close biological structure to cannabis.

Combatting the $2.2 trillion global counterfeit market

Cutting-edge technology is making it economical for brands to adopt anti-counterfeiting protections.

Dotz obtains A$300,00 sale in lubricants sector

Dotz has secured a commercial sale of its ValiDotz security markers to an international lubricant manufacturer.

Revolutionising oil & gas tracing

Advances in technology are removing the need for harmful tracer chemicals in upstream oil and gas exploration.
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