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Stop by our booth to learn about the DOTZ’ Mega-Diagnostic Platform, a game-changing end-to-end solution for the en-masse, rapid and precise diagnosis of COVID-19 and other viruses at the point-of-care.

K Plastic Trade show in Dusseldurf Gemany

Dotz will present it’s ValiDotz™ security solution in the K Plastic Trade show in Dusseldurf Gemany between 21st – 23rd of October. Press this link to schedule a meeting with us!

Partnership with Seàch Medical

Dotz partners with licensed cannabis producer Seàch Medical to develop global in-plant cannabis tagging

Graphene Quantum Dots

Graphene Quantum Dots proven effective in the treatment of brain injuries, strokes and heart-attacks – read more

NLGI conference in Las-Vegas

Dotz presented it’s ValiDotz™ security solution for Lubricants and Greases at the NLGI conference in Las-Vegas

New Marker Technology!

Just join the Dotz. Dotz technology for protecting packages from counterfeit was recently covered by the AIPIA newsletter – read more

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