In-plant cannabis security markers

The world's first and only embedded authentication solution for Cannabis

BioDotz™ Carbon-based markers are embedded into the plant itself via irrigation and cannot be removed or washed post-harvest

BioDotz™ in-plant tagging now allows regulators and producers to unequivocally protect proprietary and high-end cannabis products from counterfeiting and dilution throughout the supply chain

The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving, with more and more entities being licensed in various countries to grow, process, and distribute cannabis. Producers of high-end products are looking for new ways to authenticate and protect their brands and intellectual property. At the same time, state regulators are looking for ways to guarantee that producers comply with the various commercial, legal, and taxation requirements as mandated by state law.

BioDotz™ carbon-based in-plant markers are introduced to the plant via irrigation. The markers are dispersed in different areas of the cannabis plant and create a unique code that can later be decoded by a dedicated detector.

Regulators and producers alike are looking for ways to authenticate and track cannabis products in order to:

  • Protect high-end cannabis brands and consumer health from product dilution and counterfeiting
  • Prove, with a high degree of certainty, that cannabis products originate from legal sources
  • Prevent the diversion of cannabis-related products from state to state and tax the product at the mandated rates
  • Identify the source of products that were illegally diverted to the black market

Throughout the supply chain, cannabis growers, processors, distributors, and retailers currently use radio-identification tags (RFID), which require physical attachment to the package containing the cannabis or to the stem of the plant

Ideally, this system provides regulators with a tool to monitor the cannabis chain of custody; however, in practice, this method’s dependence on the physical attachment of a clearly visible tag exposes it to removal, destruction, or counterfeiting.

Other solutions, which include spraying of a molecular marker onto the surface of the plant and forensically detecting it at a later stage, can be removed by washing and are susceptible to destruction and degradation by exposure to sunlight, UV light, or heating, which are often encountered during the cannabis supply chain.

Benefits of Using


  • BioDotz™ markers are incorporated into the plants during irrigation and cannot be washed away or removed throughout the supply chain.
  • BioDotz™ are purely carbon-based and safe. When tested on cannabis plants, the markers show no adverse effects on the plant’s growth or its properties.
  • Allow on-site authentication of cannabis products within seconds to detect product dilution (blending) or to detect for origin (grower/state).
  • Fully complementary to existing technologies such as RFID, providing an additional level of security.