Authentication Solutions


BioDotz™ carbon-based markers are the first in-plant security solution for supply chain monitoring of plants of value such as Cannabis. As opposed to conventional solutions, BioDotz™ cannot be removed from the plant


ValiDotz™ security markers are imbedded into plastic parts during production to create a product specific, cost-effective tagging which can be easily authenticated in real time using a simple device coupled with a mobile phone


Online process monitoring has the potential to dramatically improve production efficiency.
Dotz carbon-based Fluorensic™ tracers offer an environmental chemically and thermally
robust solution that can provide results on-site saving the precious time and money
associated with lab tests


Dilution sensitive carbon-based ValiDotz™ delivered as concentrates in readily dispersible base oils or solvents. Combined with the powerful on-site portable detector Inspec™ Dotz can provide a comprehensive security solution for Oils, Greases and fuels


Dilution and inferior Diesel exhaust fluid can lead to considerable financial damages to large car fleets and to loss of revenue from royalties.
ValiDotz™ are completely organic and safe to use with engines, fully compliant with all tests listed under ISO 22241 and are added in ppb levels to DEF/AdBlue™ to guarantee originality and prevent dilution


ValiDotz™ security markers can be fully dispersed In water / solvent based inks and are compatible with multiple printing technologies to provide a robust, cost effective, mobile phone based security solution for packages