Authentication Solutions

ValiDotz™ security markers are directly embedded during the production process to impart a non-reversible, product-specific code, which can be then easily authenticated on-site and in real time, to provide a high confidence end-2-end authentication solution


Dilution sensitive carbon-based ValiDotz™ delivered as concentrates in readily dispersible base oils or solvents. Combined with the powerful on-site portable detector Inspec™ Dotz can provide a comprehensive security solution for Oils, Greases and fuels


ValiDotz™ security markers are imbedded into plastic parts during production to create a product specific, cost-effective tagging which can be easily authenticated in real time using a simple device coupled with a mobile phone


BioDotz™ carbon-based markers are the first in-plant security solution for supply chain monitoring of plants of value such as Cannabis. As opposed to conventional solutions, BioDotz™ cannot be removed from the plant

Tracer Solutions

Using tracers in enhanced and unconventional oil recovery has the potential to improve by 20% the production efficiency.
Dotz carbon-based Fluorensic™ tracers offer an environmental chemically and thermally robust solution that can provide results on-site saving the precious time and money associated with lab tests

AdBlue / DEF

Dilution and inferior Diesel exhaust fluid can lead to considerable financial damages to large car fleets and to loss of revenue from royalties.
ValiDotz™ are completely organic and safe to use with engines, fully compliant with all tests listed under ISO 22241 and are added in ppb levels to DEF/AdBlue™ to guarantee originality and prevent dilution


ValiDotz™ security markers can be fully dispersed In water / solvent based inks and are compatible with multiple printing technologies to provide a robust, cost effective, mobile phone based security solution for packages

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