The Problem

Counterfeited or Unmarked fertilizers are recognized as a global Health and Security Risk. Fertilizer blending and / or counterfeiting, can have several misfortunate and even life-threatening outcomes.

Lower Crop Yields – Crop Yield determines not only the farmers profit, but has much more significant consequences:

  • Profit Loss for farmers
  • Increased prices for consumers
  • Toxic and even Life-threatening effects on crop and field
  • Compromised Ability of hungry communities to feed themselves
  • Depleted soils contribute to Deforestation
  • Unmarked fertilizers may end up with Terrorist and Criminal Organizations and be used for Explosives Manufacturing



The Solution – ValiDotz™

Compared to other standard fluorescent materials,  ValiDotz™ has many more unique properties.

By adding ValiDotz™ as a taggant to a product line, a specific spectral signature is formed that is:

  1.  Based on a novel technology, unknown to counterfeiters
  2.  Non-toxic
  3.  Cost effective due to low effective concentrations required
  4.  Does not affect the properties and appearance of the tagged products
  5.  Stable over time even in harsh conditions
  6.  Extremely challenging to reverse engineer
  7.  Has unique properties that can thwart any attempt to replicate
  8.  Suitable for a wide range of products
  9.  Utilizing a mixture of ValiDotz™ that possess several variable properties, can create an almost infinite number of encoding combinations.



ValiDotz™ has demonstrated the success of tagging fertilizer, and successfully authenticated, proving the capability for detecting blending and enabling traceability even in extremely small amounts (ppb, ppt).

Our unique attributes enable numerous advantages in the Personal, Commercial and Global level :

  • Increased Yield and Profit for farmers
  • Reduced Risk to Banks = Better Terms for farmers
  • Increased Yield and Certainty for consumers
  • Healthier and more nutritious crops
  • Better, Healthier crops to Reduce Hunger
  • Better control will Reduce Diversion to Terrorist and Criminal activities