Active V-SRD® an active
virucide disinfection
solution that guarantees
public health safety

Active V-SRD® an active
virucide disinfection
solution that guarantees
public health safety

The Active V-SRD® is a novel disinfectant, with gradual and slow-released virucide that keeps surfaces virus-clean for 3 days. Active V-SRD® has an inherent feature that allows a rapid detection of blind spots and a visualizing if its protection is still active.

Active V-SRD® guarantees an immediate, long-lasting, and verifiable mitigation of any potential infection in heavy human traffic public spaces.

Active V-SRD® novel solution increases public safety and confidence in using and accessing public services by including a:

Long-lasting protection
Slow-release disinfectant with active
virucide ingredient that keeps
surfaces virus sanitize for 3 days

Verifiable protection
The uniformity, blind-spots, and
irritation of Active V-SRD® on surfaces
is detectable by a simple and cost-
effective system

Cost-effective protection
Reduces workspace expenses for
sanitizing public buildings, hospitals,
waiting rooms and any business that
relies on heavy human traffic

Use Active V-SRD® to:

• Sanitize heavy human traffic public spaces
and facilities such as transportation
companies, airplanes, and municipalities

• Trace blind spots and material dispersion
during the disinfection operation

• Validate material presence with immediate
visual feedback

• Increase public safety and confidence in
using and accessing public services

Active V-SRD® is an extremely innovative product with its slow release
disinflation effect lasting 72 hours of active virucide ingredient, that
provides immediate feedback on the protection level.

Dotz is a technology leader, specializing in the development and marketing of novel advanced carbon-based materials used for tracing, anti-counterfeiting and product-liability solutions.

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Prof. James Tour - Scientific advisor and co-founder

Dr. Tour holds a Ph.D. in Synthetic Organic and Organometallic Chemistry from Purdue University, Indiana, USA and Postdoctoral training in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin and Stanford University.

He is a Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Computer Science, and Professor of Materials Science and Nano-Engineering with 30 years of experience, first at the University of South Carolina followed by his present position at Rice University, Texas, USA.

Dr. Tour has over 600 research publications (with an H-index = 123) and over 120 patents, with total citations over 69,000.

Dr. Tour was listed in “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds” by Thomson Reuters in 2014. He won the NASA Space Act Award in 2008 for his development of carbon nanotube reinforced elastomers as well as over a dozen prestigious scientific awards over the past decade.

CPA, Guy Khavia – CFO

Guy holds more than 20 years’ experience including 11 as regional CFO at Amplifon SpA (BIT:AMP), the Milan-headquartered global leader in hearing healthcare and the world’s largest hearing aid retailer.

He has also worked as a CFO and senior consultant at global technology and commercial companies including Pagaya Technologies and Classic Air Group and at KPMG and BDO. 

Guy is a certified CPA and holds an MBA from The College of Management Academic Studies (Israel).

PhD, MBA, Michael Shtein - CTO

Dr. Shtein holds a Ph.D. in Nano technology interdisciplinary studies from Ben-Gurion University, together with an M.Sc in Chemical Engineering and an MBA. 

He was the Chief Material Engineer (R&D Department) for the Israeli Ministry of defense and has developed several new materials and compounds. His main research topic is composite nanomaterials (CNT,Graphene,WS2).


  • 2014-today Dotz Nano Ltd., Chief Technology Officer
  • 2011-2015 Doctoral research, nanotechnology research of graphene manufacture & graphene applications in coatings & polymer nanocomposites. Experienced in laboratory practices, research equipment & analytic techniques; independent operation of Raman spectroscopy, cryo-TEM, SEM, TGA, DSC, SAXS, & Instron.
  • 2004-2009 Chief Materials Engineer -R&D Department, Ministry of Defense, Israel

Bernie Brookes - Chairman

Mr Brookes is an experienced Australian executive, CEO and Chairman with substantial expertise in retail, supply chain management, wholesale operations and IT systems.

He has more than four decades of business management experience.

Previously a senior Executive at Woolworths, CEO of Myer Holdings Limited for nine years and Edcon South Africa for three years, he is currently Chairman of ASX-listed Funtastic and the CEO Institute, and an Advisory Board member for SaaS company Rich Data Corporation.

Doron Eldar - Director

Dynamic and result-focused entrepreneur with over 10 years senior leadership experience in deploying new business models, expanding channels, advertising campaigns, formulating effective go-to-market strategies and driving market awareness.
Previously served in various managing positions in startups and companies.

Zohar Birman - COO

Zohar is a senior operation executive with over 20 years of strategic and hands-on management experience in start-ups and global multi-sites companies.

He Holds a B.Sc in industrial engineering and management and has vast experience in operations and supply chain management.

Zohar is Highly experienced manager and a people-oriented leader with a proven record of team building, M&A, and post merge integration in a changing global environment.

Kerry Harpaz - Director

Kerry Harpaz is an accredited lawyer and a business entrepreneur with extensive experience leading and mentoring teams across retail, media and technology.

As the founder and CEO of Magnolia she has successfully built the business across Australia with more than 35 branches and a team of over 300 employees.

She now divides her time between her role as a director of Dotz Nano and Octomedia, and as a mentor for several start-up companies which she has invested in using her extensive business experience and studies in the areas of sustainability, psychology and coaching. 

Gideon Shmuel - CEO

Gideon holds over 20 Years of experience in building, scaling and finding advanced technology companies in a variety of fields including AI, Automotive, B2B commerce platforms, Telecoms and Enterprise software. He has vast knowledge in product development, sales, marketing, BD and building both commercial and technical teams. Gideon has been involved in delivering complex solutions in growing technology organizations as well as running and establishing the business activities and operations of several companies across international markets, including Europe, USA and Far East, where he lived or built subsidiaries and teams.

Most recently Gideon ran the B2B Commerce platform ePlane and the AI computer vision Company Cipia, working with leading brands in the Automotive and consumer electronic world.

He holds a B.A. from the College of Management in Israel, and an M.A. in Marketing Management from Middlesex University.

Garry Browne - Director

Garry Browne brings more than 40 years’ senior management and Board experience across government, not-for-profit and corporate entities, including as the former CEO and current Chair of FMCG company Stuart Alexander & Co.

He is also the Chair of hospitality platform Barcats and the UNSW International House Residential College. Has significant International Sales and Marketing experience working as a senior executive with Douwe Egberts/Sara Lee and a proven expertise in leveraging distribution networks and building brands.

Shirley Shoshaney-Kleiner - Marketing Director

Shirley holds nearly 20 years of experience in marketing and communications for technology-rich companies operating in B2B global markets, driving these companies to industry leadership and growth.

Prior to joining Dotz, Shirley was Marketing & Communications Manager at aquaculture technology specialist – AquaMaof. Before that she worked with a range of defense companies, as well as the Israel Ministry of Defense (MoD).

Shirley holds an MBA specializing in Sustainability from the University of Haifa and a BA in Communications and Political Science from the Hebrew University.

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