Unique Security In-Product Tagging Solutions

Authentication solutions

Our Vision

Dotz is a technology leader, specializing in the development and marketing of novel advanced carbon-based materials used for tracing, anti-counterfeiting and product-liability solutions.

Our unique products: ValiDotz ™, Fluorensic™, and BioDotz™ can be imbedded into plastics, fuels, lubricants, chemicals, and even Cannabis  plants to create product specific codes and trace for origin

our technology

Dotz develops and manufactures carbon-based security markers and tracers. Dotz markers are added at levels of down to parts per billion have no effect on the properties of the product and lack any distinct chemical signature which makes them virtually impossible to reverse engineer

Dotz provides a range of Inspec™ analyzers to allow dedicated on-site and real time detection of its carbon-based markers. Inspec™ detectors can be used by untrained personal to detect the presence of ValiDotz™ in plastics, packaging, or bulk liquids throught the supply chain or at the point of sale